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Ass, Big Boobs, Costume, Glasses, High Heels, High Socks, Lipstick, POV, Redhead, Schoolgirl, Shaved Pussy, Skirt, Thong
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Mina Von D in L’Etudiante Ecossaise at IStripper

Watch Mina Von D on IStripper for the set L’Etudiante Ecossaise. Mina Von D comes from Barcelona, Spain, where she’s born 24 years ago. Mina was a lawyer and decided to completely change her career to come to adult entertainment one year ago, and we can only thank her for that! Mina is a rock fan and I can tell you that she set the studio on fire during her shoot! She has been playing the piano since her childhood and told us that the piano allows her to deeply recharge her batteries and recover after intense filming… And her EIGHT cats love it too!!! We bet she must have been playing for hours after her time at iStripper!

Ass, Blonde, High Socks, Perky Tits, Petite, Shaved Pussy, Shorts, Sweater, Thong
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Nata Ocean A Short Trip To The Ocean IStripper

Watch Nata Ocean on IStripper for the set A Short Trip To The Ocean. Nata Ocean is from the city of Riga in Latvia. Her beautiful blue eyes resonate perfectly with her name, and her blond hair complements it all, like sand and the sea. One of Nata’s many hobbies is knitting! As particular as it may seem, knitting helps her focus her mind and calm down after a long day of work. She also very much enjoys singing always as dancing, especially when she can do both at the same time! Nata is also a big fan of mangas, and loves to cosplay her favorite characters!